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“St.ghor’s Art Revolution: Transforming Dekton Surface into Sustainable Masterpieces”

In the realm of art, innovation and sustainability converge in the remarkable work of St.ghor. As a visionary artist, St.ghor redefines artistic boundaries by harnessing the potential of Cosentino’s revolutionary Dekton surface.

The Dance of Materials

Dekton, a canvas like no other, beckoned. Its remarkable durability, heat resistance, and versatility whispered to St.ghor, promising a medium that would breathe life into his vision. With unwavering dedication, he embarked on a new artistic adventure, transforming this innovative material into a realm of breathtaking beauty.

Nature Unveiled

Each tile tells a story of nature’s majesty, painted by St.ghor’s skilled hand. The veins of marble, the warmth of wood, and the brilliance of precious stones—all meticulously recreated on the smooth surface of Dekton. These tiles are not just art; they are windows to the soul of the earth itself.

Sustainability as Art

In every creation, there’s a commitment to sustainability. From the selection of eco-friendly materials to the minimal waste in production, St.ghor and Cosentino stand united in their dedication to a more environmentally conscious future. 

“Art is the bridge between imagination and reality, where every stroke carries the heartbeat of creativity, and every canvas tells a story waiting to be discovered.” – St.ghor

Tiles with a Cause

 Each tile in this collection represents a cause—a purpose-driven endeavour to support ecological projects around the world. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes toward initiatives that protect and preserve our planet’s natural beauty. It’s art with a purpose, a masterpiece that makes a difference.

A Future of Sustainable Beauty

Our collaboration with Cosentino is not just about making art; it’s about making a difference. Each Artcycling project embodies the idea that sustainable living can be an integral part of our daily lives.

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