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À quoi bon voir si l’on ne peut ressentir?

Je crois en l’être car il prime sur le paraître,.

St.Ghor, whose real name is Stephan Diogoye Senghor, embodies the inspiring alliance of art and social commitment. Born in Canada and nurtured by the cultural richness of his Haitian and Senegalese heritage, where he grew up, his life has transformed into a vibrant canvas of artistic expression and dedication to society.
From a very young age, St.Ghor was captivated by the colors, shapes, and emotions that art could convey. His upbringing and cultural environment played a crucial role in helping him channel this budding passion.
However, it was only when he set foot in Montreal that St.Ghor discovered his true artistic calling. Painting quickly became the cornerstone of his career. In 2001, during his first exhibition, the audience was enthralled by the power of his artistic expression. It marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey as an artist.
St.Ghor’s works are renowned for their free and spontaneous emotional expression. His canvases, vibrant with colors and rich textures, capture the very essence of the present moment. His art transcends borders and speaks to the souls of those who contemplate it.
Beyond his role as an artist, St.Ghor is also a dedicated social entrepreneur. He actively engages in various initiatives aimed at promoting the connection between humans and nature.
His art plays a central role in raising awareness of the beauty and fragility of our natural environment, inspiring people to take action to protect it.

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